Responsive jquery jcarsouel

Response websites means those sites that act as per user activities like chaiging the display on fly as user goes on changing the browser size, moving mouse and other events.

We ho have often use jquery jcarusel that’s useful for showing image thumbnails, but its really hard to find the responsive jcarousel.

We do have found one and listed the demo on :



Download Manual of SelfAccounting

Finally we have published our initial manual of SelfAccounting software. We know there are alot improvements to be done, so we would like you to check the manual and list them out for us. So that we can work hard to make it better.

You can download our manual from: SelfAccounting Manual

Wishes for Happy Vijaya Dashami

Dashain is widely celebrated festival in Nepal. It has been observed as one of the greatest festivals by all Nepali. On Occusain of Vijaya Dashami, Outsourcing Nepal wishes prosperous timeline for its customers and announces 10% off on its services.

Happy Vijaya Dashain