C# Notes

For Ajax Add Page

c# aspt.net controller part region url for ajax load blank form create async partiaviewresult action method load respective add form in partial view region url for ajax submit/save Create async JSONResult action method grab/get posted data save them to table if success return json with status true and data with recently added id if fail …

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For Fixed Header Sample Code

<table class=”table table-striped table-fixed-header table-hover ” id=”reportContent “> <thead id=”pageHeader” class=”header”> <tr> <th colspan=”2″ width=”100px”>&nbsp;</th> <th width=”100px”>Ledger Code</th> <th>Ledger Name</th> <th width=”100px”>Debit</th> <th width=”100px”>Credit</th> </tr> </thead>

Basic Controller Variables

If controller is related to central only i.e it contains dbCore only it should inherit from BaseAsyncController If controller is related to Organisation also i.e it contains both dbCore and dbOrg it should inherit from BaseAsyncFOController While inheriting Any Controller from BaseAsyncController or BaseAsyncFOController, it should initialise base controller with respective variables also. eg For …

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