Why Accounting Software?

You may be unsure if accounting software is right for you. To help you feel confident that it is, roll over the statements below that apply to you.

  • I don’t know much about accounting
    The best small business accounting software, like SelfAccounting, is designed for those who are unfamiliar with accounting or bookkeeping. Simply enter your sales and expenses, and SelfAccounting will do the rest.
  • My current method is working fine
    If you’re using spreadsheets or manual methods, you could save a lot of time by switching to accounting software. It will help you organize your finances, so you can quickly find items you need every day and at tax time.
  • I don’t have enough time to set up and learn a new method
    Depending on the kind of small business accounting software you choose, it can actually be quite simple to set up. With SelfAccounting, for instance, you can start up in just a few clicks and get expert help when you need it.
  • My company is very small
    Even if you’re just a solo at-home operation, you can benefit from having organized financial records. Most small business accounting software offers basic features for even the smallest of companies, and you can use more features as your business grows.
  • I think tax time is always going to be a hassle
    You’re not alone. Most small business owners don’t enjoy tax time. But accounting software can make it more bearable. It helps you keep reliable records, so you’ll have the information you need to complete your taxes with ease.

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