Check Google Search Engine Result Position

You do have website. You do have done the content written. But are you sure your content is read and indexed by google?

Reading of content and indexing of your pages by Google or other search engine is important to show your presence on web i.e internet. Until your website content is read and indexed by google your website doesn’t appears in search result of google.

After getting being indexed, google will analyse your content and generates list of keywords that are closely related to your content. So thus your keyword is also targeted. This work can be little bit twisted and tweaked to target our website with specific keyword. But beware it should be done wisely otherwise it will effect negatively to your website.

After getting fixed keywords, you search in google but chances are you don’t find you website in search result with specific keys. We have worked hard but still our ranking is being lost. We would like to track the ranking progress from time to time with specific SEO task set being completed.

In order to check the google search result position, there are very few tools which will provide exact result. Chances are you are misguided. For providing you with appropriate help, Outsourcing Nepal has presented you with a small tool to check the position. You can check the accuracy with google too. The tool is so simple that you can easily work with it. Just follow the steps:

1.) Enter Your website address
2.) Enter your target Keywords
3.) Choose upto page no which you want to search and click on search.


Here you presented the result after short span of time. Have time to check the tool at: Google SERP

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