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Outsourcing Nepal, Hosting Services

Outsourcing Nepal is IT Company in Nepal. IT has been in Development works and giving outsourcing services to companies around the world since long ago. IT has multiple clients across the globe.

Outsourcing Nepal has a team of professional from different IT Fields. IT has members who are proficient in programming and designing. Its team members have written PHP Scripts for multiple websites which are still functional and running smoothly today. Its team members are also specialise in Flash Action Script too. They have got good portfolio of them too.

Outsourcing Nepal has been seeking and partnering with other hosting providers before for providing hosting services to its clients. They recently have announced that they have acquired a VPS Server from well known hosting provider. i.e Knownhost. Knownhost is well known for its outstanding services in hosting. Outsourcing Nepal has told that “They are good with hosting services of knownhost and are happy with good performance of the hosting server.”

As the setup process of hosting server has been completed Outsourcing Nepal is ready to start its hosting services. And in occasion of its service startup, it has announced 30% discount for customers with discount coupon: “firstcomefirst”. Its initial price has been quoted as $5/month for 1 year.

Since their server is performing good we also recommend you for grabbing the discount coupon and start hosting services right now.


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