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A tool to remove embed-ability of fonts which prevents it to embed in pdf/crystal report files http://www.derwok.de/downloads/ttfpatch/ Usage examples:If you (as the font designer) want to PROHIBIT embedding of your font e.g. in Adobe Acrobat PDF files, simply run:          ttfpatch myfont.ttf 2But remember, when you do the above, the users of your font could get the …

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Encrypt ConnectionString of Web.Config

In ordre to add security, we need to encrypt connectionstring section of web.config file. As web.config is plain text file, if not encrypted, username and password used for making database connection will be exposed to any reader. Encrypting Web.Config Open Command Prompt with Administrator privileges At the Command Prompt, enter: cd C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319 In case your …

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DataTable Ajax Server Side Loading

Instead of Loading all items at once in clientside, we may require to load data partially with pagination for better loading. scenario: when we have 1000s of data in table and we are showing them without filtration Simple use Datatable Serverside Loading Changes in Controller side: For Client Side:

EF DB First -> Code First

We can auto generate Code First POCO Classes using Add Model and Code First From Existing Database Option. When we use above option we we will get our POCO classes but we may encounter few issues with them so we need to take a look back to them again for following things Once model are …

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Change All Data Type of column from different table to new one

Things that we considered Default Constraint Nullable Renamed Default constraint name to df_tablename_column_name format declare @tData varchar(25) = ‘ decimal(14,2) ‘;–1. for cols without default constraint SELECT N’alter table ‘ + OBJECT_SCHEMA_NAME(T.[object_id],DB_ID()) + ‘.’ + T.[name] + ‘ alter column ‘ + C.[name] + @tData + case when C.[is_nullable] = 0 then ‘ not null …

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handy css classes with js function

clickLoadAjaxModal clickLoadPage [data-poload] ajaxLoad showLoading hideLoading submitForm cmdPrint CheckAll ajaxSubmit showLoading [Type: function]: this function can be called anytime before calling ajax stuffs, it will simply show loading icon in screen hideLoading [type: function]: This function can be used to close loading icon in screen once ajax process is completed cmdPrint [type: css class]:this class …

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