Get Size of All Tables of MSSQL Database

SELECT OBJECT_NAME(i.OBJECT_ID) AS TableName, AS IndexName, i.index_id AS IndexID, 8 * SUM(a.used_pages) AS ‘Indexsize_KB’ FROM sys.indexes AS i JOIN sys.partitions AS p ON p.OBJECT_ID = i.OBJECT_ID AND p.index_id = i.index_id JOIN sys.allocation_units AS a ON a.container_id = p.partition_id GROUP BY i.OBJECT_ID, i.index_id, ORDER BY OBJECT_NAME(i.OBJECT_ID), i.index_id Next Query: …

Basic Controller Variables

If controller is related to central only i.e it contains dbCore only it should inherit from BaseAsyncController If controller is related to …

Fix user, Role already exists in mssql db

Whenever we restore db but user doesn’t exists and user is created after db restore only. following error appears. sp_change_users_login ‘AUTO_FIX’, ‘coop_sahakari_paanch’

MVC5 Async RedirectToAction

use Async Task Run for async return redirecttoaction return await Task.Run<ActionResult>(() => { return RedirectToAction(“MultipleLoanEODFix”); });

Merry Christmas 2015

A Merry Christmas to you, our cherished partner. We’re sending you and your family heartfelt wishes for peace, joy and abundance this …