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For Fixed Header Sample Code

<table class=”table table-striped table-fixed-header table-hover ” id=”reportContent “> <thead id=”pageHeader” class=”header”> <tr> <th colspan=”2″ width=”100px”>&nbsp;</th> <th width=”100px”>Ledger Code</th> <th>Ledger Name</th> <th width=”100px”>Debit</th> <th width=”100px”>Credit</th> </tr> </thead>

Application Backup Sample Codes

SQLSuperAdmin Defination File

Download Help File documentation for SQLSuperAdminModel

Application Backup Projects

Madhyapur Hospital Backup Plan

Application/Files/Database to backup SN Application Description Runtime User Uploads Database 1 Main MIS Web Application Yes Yes Yes 2 Desktop Application Yes No No 3 Payroll Application Yes Yes Yes 4 Inventory Application Yes No Yes 5 Main MIS Web Application [2073] Yes No Yes 6 Old Record Check Application Yes Yes Yes


Fix User Server Principal authentication error after db restore

use database_name; — ALTER DATABASE database_name SET READ_WRITE ——– Reset SQL user account guids ——————— DECLARE @UserName nvarchar(255) DECLARE orphanuser_cur cursor for SELECT UserName = FROM sysusers su JOIN sys.server_principals sp ON = WHERE issqluser = 1 AND (su.sid IS NOT NULL AND su.sid <> 0x0) AND suser_sname(su.sid) is null ORDER BY […]

C# Notes MSSQL Projects Sample Codes

Getting Started with .Net MVC c#

Using DB First Approach Database Part MSSQL Management Studio Create DB Tables, Views and Stored Procedure as requirement Visual Studio Application Part Create New Project Create Separate Projects for DAL Add Reference of DAL Project to main project Add Nuget package of Entity Framework to both projects [DAL and Main] Create EDMX Model from Database […]


c# must for projects

error log api log application error tracking